Crude high oleic sunflower oil

TU U 15.4-00333581-001:2009 Crude high oleic sunflower oil

Organoleptic and physicochemical properties of crude unwinterized high oleic sunflower oil

Indicator name Properties
Grade Premium grade
(extra virgin oil)
First grade
(a mixture of pressed and extracted oils)
Transparency Presence of  a "grid" over sediment is acceptable
Taste and smell Characteristic for this type of sunflower oil, free of foreign odors and bitter flavor
Color number, mg of iodine, no more than 15 25
Acid number, mg KOH/g, no more than 1,5 4,0
Peroxide value, ½ O mmol/kg, no more than
- at release from the factory
- in the end of storage period

Mass fraction of phosphorus-containing substances, %, no more than
- in terms of sterearolecitin
0,40 0,60
Mass fraction of insoluble impurities, %, no more than 0,05 0,10
Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances, %, no more than 0,20 0,20
Wax and waxy substances not inspected
Flashpoint of extracted sunflower oil, ° C, min - 225
Solvent residue, mg/kg, no more than 10 300
Mass fraction of oleic acid, %, not less 80,0/82,0